The Dream Builder Coaching

Awaken the burning desire inside of you – your feminine power.
Design your personal Blueprint for the life your soul is yearning for in all areas – Health, Relationship, Career and Money and get to know the 10 fundamental steps of building the life you love on your terms.


Esra Karakaya


I jumped over my shadow, I invested time and money in myself. Best decision ever. I am now in my third coaching cycle with Joana. I get into a mindset of chill with her every time - I know that the things that belong to me will come to me. It's a reminder that I'm good as I am.

Christiane Held


I had a dream since I was young, but never had a real focus. I didn't know my own self-worth, what my talents were. I've had lots of coaching sessions and read books about manifestation. But I never really got any further. Joana is the right person - she has in-depth knowledge, is authentic and loving. Now I'm getting further and further and know that the strategies work - my business is doing better, I'm charging higher prices because I've realized what my own self-worth is. Every child should learn what Joana teaches in elementary school.

Ingrid Yeboah


I had always been a spiritual person, but I didn't know how to apply this spirituality. With Joana and the Dream Builder program, I got the tools to transform my spirituality into reality. Society tends to tell us to think small and not dream too big. Now I've learned that it's not like that, but that you can do the things you dream about, that it's possible with small steps to produce in physical reality what I've already realized in my thoughts.

Nadine Oberdries

Yoga Teacher

Joana helped me to bundle my ideas out of the chaos in a compact way. The biggest aha effect for me was the 3-year vision, where we were really in my dream, I was there, how do I work, where do I live, what do I eat, what do I taste. It was about getting in touch with my own vision. She showed me blockages and worked lovingly with me on them. Today I know that I am only entitled to the best. Now I feel that I am living into my vision bit by bit. It's worth it, it's YOUR dream. And the journey goes on and on.

What´s in it for you? 

Activate your feminine power and use it to create more health, beauty and magnetism.

Take your relationships tot he next level of intemacy and love.

Discover a new more freeing relationship with money and how it can help you to accomplish your lifes mission.

Unlock hidden creative expression and share your skills, stories and your hearts mission.

What you can expect from the Dream Builder Program.

In this program you´ll learn how to create a crystal clear blueprint of your personal dream life and the 10 fondational steps on dream building, from how to overcome your deepest fears, change your self image to learning to listen to your intuition, finding partners in support and much more. As soon as you enroll you´ll receive a mail with your log in details to the exclusive membership area. This is where you´ll find all the transformational content youll need for this journey. Get excited because this is the porgram that is going to take you deeper and deeper into realizing, that you really can create the life that you would love. 

This program is for

Entrepreneurs & Career Woman

As an entrepreneur, you will benefit from 'The Dream Builder' by learning how to trust yourself and your feminine intuition more and more and how to use this strategically in your love life and career, leading you to fulfillment and success.

Spiritual Leaders, Coaches, Health professionals & Workshop Facilitators

As a coach, 'The Dream Builder' offers you personalized support on your journey to create your personal dream life while providing valuable insights and techniques to expand your coaching skills and support both yourself and your clients on their journey.

Wives, Mothers, Caretakers and Homemakers

Learn how to make the best of your life without guilt, shame or the need to prove anyone that you are more than“Staying at home”. Come into your full potential as a mother, wife or caretaker and learn how to create more fun and ease in your daily activities and channel your creative energy into your inner work making yourself happy and being the best support you can be for the people who love and depend on you.

Start here and now to create the life of your dreams

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Do I have personal support?

No, this is a self study program – with ton of prerecorded support lessons, meditations and journaling prompts. And if you need addittional support – watch the you tube channel or write us an email.

How easy can I listen/watch the content in my busy everyday life?

Inside the program you´ll find prerecorded Videos, Meditations and Journaling prompts. You can listen tot he audio recordings when you cook, clean o rare in the gym. I suggest you take at least 1 hour per week to sit down and give yourself time and space to dive into answering the journaling prompts – this is where the real magic happens. 

What results can I expect from the coaching program?

This program is designed to help you create a crystal clear blueprint for the life of your dreams. Depending on your focus, commitment and willingness to take consistent action you will see results in your overall health, in your relationships and in your abundance. It is a proven, repeatable, reliable program that works if you work it – 1000’s of other people have gone through it and create amazing results for themselves before. If they can do it. You can do it.

Is the program designed for woman who are just startiing out on their level up journey?

This ist he perfect program for anyone how is new to inner work, personal transformation or creating the life of your dreams, even if you don´t exactly know what that life is supposed to look like yet. 

How long do I have access to the content?

Life Time access

Turn your dreams into reality

Your next level starts here

Let "The Dream Builder" transform you so you can transform your results.