High End Empress
12 month VIP Support

Woman, you just know that there is a divine calling on your life - you want it all and share your divine essence  simply by exsisting and give to the world from your owerflow. And now it is time for you to fully dive in. No more more playing small, honey. Let´s claim your power and be the juiciest bitch up in this motherfucker.


Esra Karakaya


I jumped over my shadow, I invested time and money in myself. Best decision ever. I am now in my third coaching cycle with Joana. I get into a mindset of chill with her every time - I know that the things that belong to me will come to me. It's a reminder that I'm good as I am.

Christiane Held


I had a dream since I was young, but never had a real focus. I didn't know my own self-worth, what my talents were. I've had lots of coaching sessions and read books about manifestation. But I never really got any further. Joana is the right person - she has in-depth knowledge, is authentic and loving. Now I'm getting further and further and know that the strategies work - my business is doing better, I'm charging higher prices because I've realized what my own self-worth is. Every child should learn what Joana teaches in elementary school.

Ingrid Yeboah


I had always been a spiritual person, but I didn't know how to apply this spirituality. With Joana and the Dream Builder program, I got the tools to transform my spirituality into reality. Society tends to tell us to think small and not dream too big. Now I've learned that it's not like that, but that you can do the things you dream about, that it's possible with small steps to produce in physical reality what I've already realized in my thoughts.

Julia Golob

Fashion Designer

I really learned that paying someone to listen to you is the best thing you can do for yourself, which has shifted my money-mindset. It taught me to take up space and get advice. I learned a lot about letting go of money blocks, and many things have changed around money, One of the biggest things I learned is that I trust myself more, before I was too shy to show myself and my designs. And today I am living the dream that I shared with her in the very first session of our work together! Joana was a big part of creating this fashion brand.

Whats in it for you?

Juicy pussy power, the fountain of youth and beauty forever.

Sweet love from everyone around you - because you cut that BS out.

Divine creative energy flowing through you & you get to decide which projects you wanna bring to live.

I was born to flex, kinda money – in large sums and increasing quantities from multiple sources of the universe.

You are fully committed to transforming yourself, your realtionship & your business into the next dimension of high end luxury and success over the next 12 month? Say no more! I got you.

Inside this program you´ll get access to my whole university of programs, 

  • Standing Firm 
  • Dream Builder
  • Life Mastery 
  • Working with the Law 
  • Into your Genius 
  • Weekly group coaching sessions 
  • Bi weekly 30min 1:1 Coaching 
  • of course a suprise gift which I´ll tell you more about when you jump all in.

This program is for

Entrepreneurs & Career Woman

As an entrepreneur, you will benefit from 'The Dream Builder' by learning how to trust yourself and your feminine intuition more and more and how to use this strategically in your love life and career, leading you to fulfillment and success.

Spiritual Leaders, Coaches, Health professionals & Workshop Facilitators

As a coach, 'The Dream Builder' offers you personalized support on your journey to create your personal dream life while providing valuable insights and techniques to expand your coaching skills and support both yourself and your clients on their journey.

Wives, Mothers, Caretakers and Homemakers

Learn how to make the best of your life without guilt, shame or the need to prove anyone that you are more than“Staying at home”. Come into your full potential as a mother, wife or caretaker and learn how to create more fun and ease in your daily activities and channel your creative energy into your inner work making yourself happy and being the best support you can be for the people who love and depend on you.

Our pricing plan

This collection will serve you for a lifetime. The transformational principles and practises will reach so deeply into your cells – becoming a real empress, that you will teach people how to level up by your pure embodiment and if you want to you can use the content to teach others to do the same if you want to. Because that´s what Empresses do – level up the whole collective.



Consider yourself a spiritual leader.

Activate your personal power

Transform your deepest desires into your reality.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Do I have personal support?

Yes, my team will help you with the on boarding process and as soon as the program starts I will personally support you every step oft he way- from our weekly group coaching sessions where you can ask your questions and learn through the power of the mastermind we create as a group and of course through our exclusive bi- weekly 1:1 30min Session where you can ask me anything you really want to know – the darkest and most forbidden secrets you nerver dared to ask anyone else.

How easy can I listen/watch the content in my busy everyday life?

Inside the program you´ll find prerecorded Videos, Meditations and Journaling prompts. You can listen to the audio recordings when you cook, clean or working out. I suggest you take at least 1 hour per week to sit down and give yourself time and space to dive into answering the journaling prompts – this is where the real magic happens. And of course I suggest coming to the group coaching calls every week and our exclusive bi- weekly 1:1 30min Calls that we can schedule individually as we please.

What results can I expect from the coaching program?

Through jumping all in and investing in yourself – you have already jumped through a massive portal of transformation. Now lets keep you from sliding back into self sabotage. 

The program is proven and reliable and has created results for over 10.000 people all over the world - it works if you work it. Depending on your area of focus, commitment and willingness to take consistent action to transform you will see results slower or faster in the area of your mental, emotional and physical health, relationships, creativity and money short whole lifestyle upgrade – consistancy is the key & results will be certain. Especially if you are showing up as honest as you can be to our 1:1 Sessions – so looking forward to support you Empress. 

Is the program designed for woman who are just starting out on their level up journey?

With shouting out your energic YES, I AM ALL IN and activating your decision with your financial investment you have already gone through a portal of transformation. From this day on you will never be the same again. And it is going to get wild from here on. 

You`ll get instant Access to my whole University and all Programs. I suggest you start with the Dream Builder to create an honest and authentic blueprint for your vision. And the Life Mastery Group Support Structure is the absolute best way to integrate the knowledge on a deep energetic level and to support you in taking consistant action in alignment with your High End Empress Identity to create your next level results. To take it up a notch diving into my High End Programs like Working with the Law and Into your genius – you will get to expereince how ist feels like to be a true divine creatrix walking this earth inside your savage body temple creating a full spectrum elevated life expereince. 

You grow with every program you take and inner work never stops until we leave this earth. 

Let´s get you going.  

How long do I have access to the content?

Lifetime access. 

Transform your vision into reality

Your path to personal and business success starts here

Give yourself the gift of transformation while going through Life Mastery and become a woman that can confidently manifest all her desires.